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I have been researching grad schools. Each one has a glossy web page, filled with info on the admission process, financial aid, faculty, housing, and about a dozen other pertinent topics. None of them really answer my questions, though. I think these sites should include the stuff that grad students really want to know. If I designed these sites, they would answer questions like...

-How kilt-friendly is the student body?
-Does the administration spend more on football than libraries?
-Are there any good flea markets around for cheap furniture?
-Is there a decent vegetarian/vegan restaraunt near campus?
-What's the going rate for pot?
-How active is the greek community? (and is it easy to avoid them?)
-Red state or Blue state?
-Are there any good local bands in the area?
-How far from campus is the nearest gaming/comic book store?
-Do faculty members sleep with students? (and if so, are they hot?)
-Is there a Zendo nearby?
-Is there an active queer community? (I've grown very fond of my 'mos...)

and most importantly
-What's the wind like near campus?


Unknown said...

All are very important questions... you should just get a job answering theses questions for universities and then sell you book kike a Barron's top 100 colleges sort of things. You could give certain colleges the privilge of being in you top 10 Pope tested/approved status and in varying categories as well. (if you make money on this I want 10%)

Claytonian said...

No need for racial slurs, Mark ;)

seriously, this would make a great magazine or periodical. Colleges reviewed by real students. We could call it, "but is it sucktacular?"

Anonymous said...

I read here on occassion, and am happy to tell you about my little hill haven, if you want to know... answers I can give you are as follows: 4) Awesome ones, two: a little vegan cafe and the world-famous Moosewood. 6) Very, but avoidable. 7) Blue, but purplish in the country. 8) Yes. 9) Close. 10) Sometimes, and some are. 13) Fantastic, I hear. See Matt Ruff, Fool on the Hill for more on kites in the Arts quad.

Come to Cornell? We could hang out.

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