Deacon Mark is a busy guy. In addition to writing his first sermon, he has found the time to create 6 entries for the logo contest! (The material in italics are comments by the Black Pope, and not Mark's fault...)

Representing the intensity of our group, or perhaps our penchant for arson.

There is something sort of frightening about this one - like a clown with blood on his big floppy shoes...

I don't want to show favoritism, but I LOVE the hat!

Peace Dove
...or is that a hawk swooping down on the heretics and unbelievers?

I wonder if the Muslims would mind...

I can see this one on a CareBear's tummy - "Zealot Bear", or maybe "Fanatical Convert Bear".

If you like the framing hands but want to put your own symbol in the middle, Mark has also provided a template, shown below.

Like the cold, black, withered heart or your Dark Pontiff... mwuhahahaha!

I've had a preview of Mark's upcoming sermon, and you won't want to miss it - it's a good one.
Maybe TOO good. He's trying to better himself in the Ministry's heirarchy... He might even be angling for my job... HERETIC! Guards! Sieze him at once!


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