In our never-ending struggle to better serve the Faithful, the Ministry, in conjunction with the MBI* and the AIOBCP** is proud to present...

The Black Pope's Guide to Web Comics
(originally titled "Eleven Ways to Fail Your Finals")

Usually cute, often obscure, and frequently poignant.

Sluggy Freelance
Torg, Riff, Zoe, and a switchblade-wielding minilop. "Stay good Riff, stay good!"

Questionable Content
Indie love stories where no one gets laid. Faye lives with Marten, but he can't get anywhere with her. Dora likes Marten, but she can't get anywhere with him. Ellen likes Steve, but she's only 17, so no one should be getting anywhere with her. And Pintsize is like an iPod with legs - only he eats cake mix.

Diesel Sweeties
Pixelated robot love stories where everyone gets laid regularly.

Butternut Squash
The adventures of Ramon, Rob, Evan, and Vince - with special guest star Cola, sweet ginger pony nipple kitten...

Little Gamers
They're little. They play games and curse a lot. 'Nuff said.

Fabulous art, Windows bashing, and a new character that just sucked dry the power grid of the Eastern seaboard.

Largo and Piro are trapped in Tokyo, surrounded by hordes of mindless zombies and beautiful anime voice actresses. Poor Piro and Largo.

Oh My Gods!
It's Little Gamers meets Charmed - only funny. Nice, normal, queer pagans trying to deal with the Pope, Clowns for Christ, the Booby Vampire, and a Unitarian.

Surreal U
I'm a minor character in this one, so you know it's good.

This next strip is just plain fucked up. You've been warned - don't come crying to me. (These words coming from His Sinfullness, the Black Pope himself. Think hard about that before you click this link.)
Sexy Losers
A healthy mix of incest, necrophilia, coprophagia, face shots, and obsessive masturbation. Despite that, it still manages to be funny - sort of.

These comics are all Pope Tested, Ministry Approved.*** Be careful; some are seriously addictive - Sluggy is worse than sex and crack combined in a crunchy candy shell, while Sexy Losers is the proverbial train wreck that you just can't turn your web browser away from.


*The Ministry's Bureau of Inquisition
**The Ancient Infernal Order of Bisexual Cyber-Preistesses

*** The Ministry will not be held responsible for late papers, failed finals, or carpal tunnel caused by excessive archive surfing.


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