Where have you been?

I've bumped into some friends lately who have said, "Hey... what happened to you? No blog posts, no tweets, no Facebook status updates... what's up with that?"

My answer is to share with you a typical 24 hours in my life.

02:00-03:00 - wake, shower, shave, breakfast, etc.
03:00-07:30 - work in labs
08:00-09:00 - sleep
09:15-13:00 - tutoring athletes
13:30 - lunch
14:00-17:30 - sleep
18:00-20:00 - mentoring athletes
20:15 - dinner, relax, etc.
22:15 - workout
23:00-02:00 - sleep

This is my schedule for most days of the week. While I'm at the labs I work on my thesis and job applications. Not much time for anything else.

I need a real job now, ok?

On the plus side, I've gotten so caught up in rushing from one job to another that I kind of forget to eat. My meals lately consist of heating a can of soup or cooking an egg or two. Both can be done quickly in the microwave, and both result in a meal that is not exactly satisfying, but it will keep you from dying. I'm just one more part-time job away from my goal weight...


Mayren said...

(hugs) just (hugs)

My wish for you friend is a swift end
with the best results you want this coming
May. (silver lining on goal weight is kinda
cool as long as you stay healthy)

Linus said...

Thanks, Mayren. It will be over soon, one way or another. :)

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