Resolution Results

In our most recent poll, I asked:

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

The results were not really shocking - we are fat, out of shape, spendthrifts who refuse to give up our addictions. The numbers are below.

Lose weight. (61%)
Quit smoking/drinking/shooting up/huffing gas, etc. (7%)
Work out. (53%)
Get better grades. (23%)
Finish my novel. (23%)
Eat my veggies. (23%)
Spend more time with my loved ones. (23%)
Save money. (53%)
Finish... something. ANYthing. For once in my life... (23%)
No need for resolutions - I'm perfect as I am. (15%)
No resolutions - there is enough failure in my life already. (23%)

Perhaps the 15% who are perfect could act as life coaches for the rest of us...


Ducky said...

It's not that I refuse to give up my addictions. I refuse to call them a problem!

His Sinfulness said...

Admitting you have help is the first step to getting a problem.

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