Sunday Sermon, Thanksgiving 2009 Edition

Everything was delicious this year. The tofurkey, the braised kale, the southwestern corn casserole - all turned out perfectly. The leftovers are in the fridge, the dishes are done, and everyone else has gone to bed. I'm sitting on the couch, seriously considering ordering the TimeLife "Sweet Soul of the '70s" collection. The pitch made by Cuba Gooding Sr. and his lovely young cohost is so compelling. They're showing clips from Soul Train, and I am becoming seriously nostalgic. It was hard being a little white boy tenor in the South in the '70s. There was a period when I really wanted to be Marvin Gaye.

Perhaps I should go to bed soon...

It's been a lovely day. After a slow morning (which began at noon for me), we enjoyed a quiet little feast. I was thankful for the food, for the company, and for everything else. I hope all of you enjoyed your day, and gave thanks in whatever way you deemed appropriate.


Sci Fi Heroine said...

I'm glad you had a good day. :) I think we should make cooking Thanksgiving dinner late in the afternoon, unshowered and/or in our pajamas our own holiday tradition. What do you think?

His Sinfulness said...

It can be our tradition... at least until we're out of grad school. ;)

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