fleur's questions...

Based on a post found here, fleur writes:

I would like to know...
-African or European Swallow?
Any swallow is a good swallow. Beats spitting, anyway...

-Favorite cuisine and why?
Asking a fat guy to pick his favorite cuisine is like asking a junkie to choose his favorite needle... or something. If the dreadful day came in which I had to pick only one cuisine from which to eat for the rest of my days, I would have to say Indian would be my choice. I am always impressed by the diversity of it, and the ability to create complex flavors with few ingredients.

-What the hell is sociology anyway?
Sociology is, in the strictest sense, the study of society. Glad we covered that... now we can dispense with that ultimately useless definition. Sociology is the fiery hell from whence I pen this missive, and the nurturing womb which keeps me fed and warmed whilst I reside in the icy wasteland of Black Vatican City. It is my excuse to ponder the whys and hows of human interaction without being saddled with all the social baggage that goes with being labeled a philosopher.

-Why, when you so clearly hate it, have you spent so much time in Wyoming?
I do hate this place with the fiery passion of a thousand burning cat nuns, but it's really just that I hate the cold. And the snow. And the wind. And the Republicans. And the Mormons. And the cowboys. See also, "nurturing womb" above.

-What is your favorite cookbook?
My favorite cookbook is whichever one you happen to be using at the moment to make me tasty vegan treats.
My second favorite cookbook (right now) is "The Veganomicon." It's got all of the nummy stuff that I love from "Vegan with a Vengeance" and so much more.

-If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one book with you, what would it be and why?
It would be a book entitled "How to Get Rescued from a Desert Island." It's seems the only logical choice.
Failing that, I'll take a good translation of "Instructions to the Cook" by Dogen Zenji. It is a treatise on how to live a mindful existence - if I'm stranded, I may as well get enlightened while I'm there...


Big Gay Jim said...

Isn't this dangerously close to a meme, which you swore off of long ago? (Oh, like I could resist the chance to call out the Rev after one of his infamous "final" proclamations?)

His Sinfulness said...

It is, I must reluctantly admit, similar to a meme, but I am thinking of it more like an interview. Besides, a set of questions catered especially to me is so much more self-aggrandizing than a generic meme that just ANYone could answer... ;)

fleur said...

Yay! I am better than a meme

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