Why Isn't this National News?

On Friday night, during Ramadan prayers, someone decided to spray chemical irritant (tear gas) into the nursery of a mosque in Dayton, OH. Around 300 people had to be evacuated from the building.

Did you know about it until just now?

Why not?

If this happened in a Christian church anywhere in America, Fox news would have dedicated half a day's programming to it and it would have been unavoidable on other networks as well - but since it's just a mosque, the media decided to pass on this one...

Think carefully about where you get your news, then diversify. That's a papal decree, compulsory for the cyberFaithful.


Coriander said...

So I wrote this huge touchy feely comment that had to do with people beeing mean to people and news being stupid AND IT DIDN'T POST! Is this yet another plot from the man trying to keep us down? Now we can't even freely comment anymore!

Flynn said...

I read about this over the weekend, it was on Hawk's twitter page, the actual news site it linked to (the 'local' large paper) I likely would never have found.

Reports of this aren't likely to get out. Especially given the light it cases a certain, old and wrinkled, presidential candidate's hate-DVD mailing party in.

la scorchita said...

That's beyond disgusting. I love how the police in the article say there's no evidence that it was a hate crime. My ass, it wasn't.

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