More kites for sale - Update!

The vented High Level, by Level One. I'm surprised that this one hasn't sold yet. Fantastic for those high wind days that eat other kites. Perfect condition, flown three times over grass in moderately high winds. Reduced to $90, with original sleeve.*

German-made Yin-Yang, great condition. Has some airtime on it, but no visible wear. $50 with original sleeve.** SOLD!!!

Maestrale, good condition. Flown over sand, has some fading on the back side at the upper spreader. This kite is very trickable, with a unique standoff system that keeps the sail tight, even at the edges of the window. $70 with original sleeve and a lineset.** SOLD!

Ahh, the Vapor. There is nothing like it in zero to 5 mph... so, not much call for it here in the wind-blasted land of Wyoming. Perfect condition, been flown 4 or 5 times over grass or a gym floor. $250 with original sleeve.**

*Dorky roommate sold seperately.
**Beautiful girl not for sale!


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