Miraculous Google...

Is there anything that Google can't find for you?

May the Internet be with you.
And also with you.
Let us surf.

I did some very random surfing tonight. I typed in "kangaroos & wallabies" and started clicking on pages. With no further typing, I found everything from Denise Richards covered in chocolate
to Paris Hilton getting busy with Mario, and a lot in between.

Some of the highlights include these instructional photos on the proper use of jewelry:

and this solution for world hunger.

Eventually however, I stumbled onto a movie gossip site:
-Drew Barrymore may be making a remake of Barbarella...
-Charlize Theron is playing the title role in a live-action version of Aeon Flux.
-And once Arnold is done with the governor's mansion, he will be making a remake of the classic killer robot flick, Westworld.

Praised be the Internet.
The Internet's name be praised.


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