Same Old Same Old

The news this week is essentially the news from last week. Let’s look at the top stories in no particular order.

Sarah Palin – still an idiot. She announced that her new book will soon be out, in which she talks about her favorite literature and poetry. No doubt her ghost writer has been working for weeks to construct a paragraph that makes it sound like she keeps a copy of Sartre’s War Diaries under her pillow… She followed this up by reminding delegates at the NRA Convention that Democrats are coming to take away your guns.

Teabaggers – still insane. As I predicted 6 months ago, they are destroying the Republican party, and it’s quite a show. Last week they ousted three term senator Bob Bennett of Utah, then they forced the GOP in Maine to adopt a party platform that calls for limiting congressional terms to 12 years, abolishing the Federal Reserve and the Department of Education, and refers to global climate change as a myth. As ridiculous as this sounds, it turns out that it’s a watered down version of the Texas GOP platform. Several other Tea Party groups are working on getting similar statements of lunacy adopted in other states.

George Rekkers – still Gay. The only development in this story is the cost of his European rentboy get-away – he paid all of young Lucien’s expenses and gave him $75 per day. Pretty cheap, as these things go – most of the guys listed on ask for more like $500 per day for overnights - what they call “the boyfriend experience.” Of course, Rekkers can afford it. He was recently paid $120,000 by the state of Florida for testifying in support of their ban on gay adoption. Ironic, considering that Rekkers himself adopted a son in Florida…

Arizona – still the most bigoted state in the union. Last week they were instituting an immigration law that would have made Stalin smile, then they decided that you can't teach English if you have an accent, and now they’ve been busily implementing new rules that outlaw ethnic studies in public schools. What’s next? Will possession of mole sauce soon be considered a felony? I’m expecting Governor Jan Brewer to include that in her new “use an enchilada, go to jail” bill.

British Petroleum – still lying to everyone. First it was 1000 barrels per day, then 5000, and now it’s somewhere between that and 70,000 bijillion barrels per day. Does anyone actually know what’s happening down there? The short answer is no. They’ve tried adding detergent to the water, putting a big dome over it, and tonight they are trying to cram a big rubber stopper up the pipe. They’re running out of options – soon they’re going to have to just call in Aquaman.

Nashville - still flooded.
Joe Lieberman - still a "Republican't."
John McCain - still not conservative enough for reelection.
Black Vatican University - still afraid of free speech.

There are other examples, but you see my point. The news this week is the news from last week, only more so.

America, you bore me.


Mayren said...

I agree. America has been in a huge slump for a long time. Forward positive thinkers get slammed down all the times. I know there are the ones who perservere and get heard and make things happen, but it's so few and far between because their voices are drowned out by the Mega-Mart effect America has on them.

On the positive side... So far they can't brainwash everybody on demand yet so the single voices of hope have a chance and I hope we can gather together and speak loudly enough to make the message count in a bigger way!

His Sinfulness said...

Well said, Mayren. This is particularly obvious in politics. The GOP has become the party of "NO" on just about every issue, even when the legislation in question was their idea in the first place. I am seriously looking for an opportunity to teach in another country for a while...

Mayren said...

ya know, it would be kinda cool in a badass way to get satellie internet and journal about a peace corps mission....

His Sinfulness said...

That would be cool. Unfortunately, I'm a bit old for the Peace Corps. I need to get paid an actual salary while I'm off being a badass... ;)

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